Welcome to Queen Lake


  • Leading a project for online scheduling of classes for WISE.
  • Preparing courses for 2014-2015 WISE courses on intellectual property and  education and technolog.
  • Writing for AllLEDLighting
  • Configuring WordPress and Drupal sites for a couple of nonprofit organizations.
  • Providing a small business with marketing, social media, and office systems support
  • Maintaining websites, Facebook pages, and LinkedIn accounts for area SMBs and nonprofit organizations
Latest Tweets
  • Full-strength Orange Gatorade is too strong to use as furniture polish ,
  • Driving home after a double shift at work is equivalent to driving drunk. ,
  • My wife sez, "Stop talking and tell me the answer.",
  • Passwords: a security scheme designed to prevent you, but not hackers, from accessing your account,
  • That’s like adding three more Floridas, inhabited entirely by seniors. ,