Learning and Technology – Fall 2013A

Laptops, tablets, and smart phones are giving us unprecedented access to the world of ideas. Nowhere is this more evident than in the classroom. Online classes, digital research and publishing, video conferencing, and ubiquitous connectivity have transformed education for students of all ages. We’ll see how technology is changing the ways we teach and learn and discuss how well these changes are preparing us for further education, work, and life after work.

Learning and Technology – WISE Fall 2013, Session A

Class 1


Learning and Technology – Class 1

Class overview

  • Introduction
  • Faraway places with strange sounding names
  • The new language of learning

Bookmarks from Class 1


View and be prepared to discuss the following:

In addition reflect on and be prepared to discuss your best learning experiences during which you learned something else and/or something important:

  • In school
  • At work
  • This past summer

Class 2

Learning and Technology – Class 2

Bookmarks from Class 2


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